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September 30, 2011

The Uncertain Future

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February 1, 2011

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Humans, are the weirdest creatures on earth.

Why is that so?

Because when they don’t get something they want, they start talking bad about that thing.
be it an item or a person.

And will only think that they’ve done the best things ever and have never thought about anything else other than themselves.

I used to have an ex, whom i cherish alot.

But the things he did, disgusts me.
Just because i don’t give him what he wants. *you-know-what-guys-need-right?*
I’m not a good girlfriend.
What kind of shit is all this?

And his friends, they don’t even help in anything to make us get back together.
But instead, because they are his friends, they help him.
Say all the bad things about me and all.
And HE, thinks that they are nice people because they accompany him when he’s down.
A good friend will never say things like that and would offer proper advises.

You think having sex before marriage is good just because you’ve done it with your boyfriend?
Seriously. You do whatever you want, and its my right to say NO!

Just because you don’t love your life, doesn’t mean i dont!
Haven’t you thought of the consequences?
i’ve even talked to my ex about the consequences.
Like, what if things happen?
And i was seriously shocked with his reaction and it was the most unreasonable and most irresponsible answer i’ve ever heard and is all coming from him.

And, there are also so many other reasons why the relationship didn’t work out.

first of all, is the distance.
i’m the only child of the family. and you want me to leave my family to a further place?
i love my family too and of course i want to be as near as them as they only have me as their daughter.
To his friend, just because you’re not close with your family and you love to stay with your boyfriend, that doesn’t mean i have to, okay?
just because you think its right, doesn’t mean i have to follow what you think.

i went back to him because i truly love him.
And you, his friend is also one of the reasons i left him.
because all in heart, he only thinks about you.
what about us?
I’ve tried forgetting all the sabotaging you’ve done.
But you just keep doing the same thing again and again.

there are a whole lot more.
but there’s no need for me to talk about it anymore as it is all in the past right now.

To the ex,
you may think you’ve done so much.
but think of my sacrifices.
Are they worthless?
Your friends’ words are much more important that those that i’ve ever done for you?

Seriously, think again.

Honestly, i’m glad that all of this is over.
And at least i can lead a normal life now.
A life of my choice.
and not living your life.

December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mummy (:

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A picture speaks a thousand words.
Happy Birthday, once again, mummy.
You may not see this, but my love for you is still higher than the skies and deeper than the seas (:



I love you, mummy.
and I wish you good health and happiness for the rest of your lives.

Taylors Lakeside University College

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Had P1 revision class with Philip Woo and it was held at Taylors University College.
It is not as big as our very own TARC, but its definitely prettier / grand-er than TARC.

They have shops like Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Old town, Wong Kok, …… there.
Imagine the amount of college fees you gotta pay.
Think also can faint.


Look at the lakeside view.
picture was taken during the evening about 6.10p.m.
pretty isn’t it?



YeeWah, LooShin and I.


SJBA SDS Self Discovery Children’s Camp 2010

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Another year of children’s camp.
this time, I was a full-time facilitator. lol
as in, I was there the whole time and even stayed in the temple during the night with the kids.
3 days 2 nights if I didn’t remember wrongly.

It was a lil’ different from the other camps where the whole day is only about games games and games.
This one, we had all sorts of meditation, hymn singing, and other small small activities like how to cure headache, sea sick, etc etc.


As usual,  started off with the registration, and allocation of rooms.



It started off with ice breaking, then sitting meditation


Sleeping meditation and walking meditation.


There’s this one activity where they give us a cup with the super thick condensed milk.
then the kids are asked to use a straw and try to suck the condensed milk.
and of course, it is difficult to do so.

and then, add in water to the condensed milk and stir it well.
They were asked to suck the thing again.
This time, it was easier.

Moral of the story is, water is very important to have a healthy life.


Left : to cure headache.
Right : I forgot what is it for @@


Facilitators (:


Puja as in chanting


and and, the proper way to eat every meal is to start off with a lil’ bit water, fruit, vegetable, meat/rice and finally the soup.

Right : Contemplation before and after meal. It is something like praying before and after meals.




Group photo.





The group I was in charged of.



the kitchen ladies.
They were the preparers of all the meals.


teachers and facilitators


then it was time for hymn singing.
he’s damn good in singing, playing musical instruments like piano and guitar and on top of all that, he’s kinda cute! =X





and then, the kids all lined up for his autograph.
because he was once a winner in some buddhist hymn singing competition.



Tho my final exam was few weeks away, it was all worth it.

November 17, 2010

Relative’s Wedding

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Date: 13th November 2010
Venus: Malacca, Renaissance Hotel

Spot the date and the dress LOL!
The day before, I went MOS with the same dress.
You wanna know why?

It all started ….

On friday (12th Nov) evening, before I left home to MOS,
my dear ShingTsu called me.

ST: Ehh.. your friend coming already?
Me: Yeah yeah. Should be on the way. Oh btw, what are you wearing? Dress ah?
ST: Yeah wearing dress. You?
Me: I just cincai wear lor. Blouse and shorts. Shorts can one right right? cuz you said the place like so high class.
ST: Errr.. I dunno eh. I see my friends’ pictures when they go MOS they wear till damn nice lor. Somemore the place to high class and so strict (Don’t let people smoke in there). I dunno can wear shorts or not.
Me: ARR >< serious mehhh.. wait I go call my friend first.
ST: Wear dress lar. teman me wear lar..
Me: Buuttt.. I got no dress already wor.. Got one lar. but I need to wear for the dinner tomorrow ehh..
ST: Got no other dresses?
Me: Got.. but like not suitable.
ST: Just wear only lar. then tonight come back wash.
ME: eeeeee.. okay lar okay lar.

That was why I wore the dress to MOS, washed when I reach home. Thank god there’s sun early in the morning.
So there you go, same dress for the two days. HAHAHAHHAAH


At grandma’s flats before heading to the dinner.


Cookie *yummy*


Cousins I suppose?


Cousin Xing came along (:


Yours truly (:


the pretty decos






Xing and I in white (:


They both look so cute together right? LOL

November 14, 2010

Awesome Friday Night (:

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My mother was away for a week. She went to Sabah to do some audit work.
Me, being really cheeky, decided to go clubbing as I have not been to the ones around Sunway.

Date : 12/11/2010
Venue: Euphoria – Ministry of Sound

A total of 6 of us (including myself) went and had the time of our lives.


Dinner at some restaurant next to Kim Gary.
My first time finishing a huge plate of fried rice after about 1 month plus or 2.

guess what, we entered at 10.30p.m. and we’re like their 1st customer @@
the entire place was empty, except for the staffs HAHA

a few really funny things happened that night.
Let me start off with the first one.

5 of us (Excluding TiengWei) entered the club first.
Chris went to the washroom (if I didn’t remember wrongly),
and Marcus went out to call TiengWei
and waited for her outside because it was her first time there as well,

leaving MeiYan, ShingTsu and I standing at the table, sipping on Chivas and Coke.
Suddenly, 2 foreigners, one of the hotel guests, I suppose,
walked towards us, and said to us “ Can we buy you girls a drink? Just to say ‘Hi’ ”
Immediately without hesitation, we said No, thank you.

Probably they’re just being friendly, But taking a drink from someone you don’t know is a big “NO-NO” to me.
Awhile later, the 3 of them came back and we started playing games (where the loser will have to drink).

One of the guys (the foreigners) came back with a glass of brandy (I think),
those one shot kind of drink and placed it on our table and said its his treat @@


From Left : Tieng Wei, Shing Tsu and I (:


Chris and TiengWei.


the girls (:



about 11.00 plus, more people started coming in.
the reason we went there early because TiengWei had to go back early as well.
By 12.00 plus, TiengWei had to leave already, but the dancefloor is still empty
and she wanted to hit the dancefloor first before heading back home.

all of them wanted to go straight to dancefloor except for me.
Paiseh lar ><
After all the persuasion, I followed them there and I kept laughing @@
We were the first to step into the dancefloor.
Kinda uncomfortable because you can feel like everyone’s looking.

Fortunately, minutes after that, people start coming in and we’re feeling more comfortable.
While we were all busy enjoying ourselves at the dancefloor, someone tapped my shoulder.
I turned around, to see this unknown guy.
He asked me whether I would want to dance with him and his friends @@

I stunned for 1 sec and immediately said No.
Chris quickly help me as well by saying “She’s Mine” LOL
Don’t get me wrong, we’re not together or what.
I’m no longer available and I ♥ my boyf (:
And he has a girlfriend too.
he’s just saying to help me from the weird guy.


One thing I like about MOS is that it is a non-smoking club (:
My clothes don’t stink and so does my hair. hahaha
And and, it’s freakin’ cold there.
I kept having goose bumps and the liquor didn’t help.
The dancing didn’t help either. The whole night, there’s not even a single drop of sweat.

My drinking skills kinda improved I guess? At least I didn’t embarrass myself like the one in MOIS, Penang HAHAHAH 

November 2, 2010

I miss my long, straight hair :(

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The last time I ever straightened my hair was on the 25th of January. It stayed so straight until I chopped it like 1 month ago.
And after cutting it, my hair started to curl and its no longer as straight as before Sad smile 


16/7/2010 – Movie and Dinner with the primary classmates.
Look, after so many months, it is still so freakin’ straight.


Left: 7/7/2010 – During Yio’s birthday celebration at Feeling Café.
Centre: 22/8/2010 – Lik’s Convocation and JB’s 23rd Birthday.
Right: 25/9/2010 – My 21st Birthday Celebration at FullHouse, Pyramid.

After 8 months, my hair is still so straight.
Look at my hair now T.T



Pictures taken during Wen’s 21st Birthday. 30/10/2010
So freakin’ horrible till I feel like chopping everything and become bold instead.


But, luckily a cut above academy is doing a Deepavali promotion.
ONLY RM99 for rebonding.
will definitely be going there to settle my hair issues next week (:

The freakin’ huge purse. LOL

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My friends always comment on my purse.

A: eh your purse so damn big lar. What you put inside?
B: why so huge? got a lot of things meh?
C: WAAAHHHH why so big one?


I bought this purse from Roxy because it is huge enough for me to put in all my things. 
About 100+ kay? don’t know why all the big purse so freakin’ expensive >< Original price 199.90 if im not wrong.

ever wondered what’s inside that humongous purse? LOL
let me show you hahahha

The WHITE purse became BLACK.
that is why the other day I took out everything in my purse to go wash it. 


everything inside lol
I was surprised also kay?



Loyalty cards from Gloria Jeans, BBQ Chicken (Wangsa Walk), Neway, Red (Hair Salon) and Skin Food.


passport sized photos.
Didn’t intend to put the “middle picture” into my purse.
but SOMEBODY wanted a copy and we have to print 2 instead of one only.
Search around for another picture but the one I wanted to print is in another pendrive.
Therefore, in the end, we just printed the same one.


Name cards LOL


Mini calendars




more receipts lol


Jusco and Genting Vouchers


typical Buddhist >< 


Plasters for the clumsy girl


Cash, of course!


Cards LOL


Bonuslink Card – applied for free.
College Printing Card – A must have to print assignments, etc.
2 ATM Cards
College Student ID
Hostel ID
Genting WorldCard
– applied for free too when I went to Genting. Useful, okay?
Coffee Bean Card – I admit this one is kinda useless. It is for free. So I just applied. No harm right?
ACCA Student Card
Jusco Card
– Able to get discounts during Member’s Day plus vouchers during your birthday month.
The Loaf Card – Collect points to redeem next time. RM10 for life.
Hinode Member Card – Applied this for free too if I’m not wrong.
RedBox Card – Got this long long time ago when we went to RedBox.
Swensens Member Card – Free Application. Collect points to redeem for free ice cream. *yummy*
SenQ Member Card – Applied this to get the 1 year extra warranty for my laptop.
Sony Style Member Card – Got this card for free when MR bought me the MP4. 10% off accessories.
Sakae Sushi Member Card – Got this card for free too from one of the Jusco Birthday Voucher. [Free Membership Card worth RM20]


last but not least, TARC Bus Ticket xD

November 1, 2010

Wen’s 21st Birthday 30/10/10

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It was Wen Wen’s 21st Birthday! (:

Knew him since primary school.
and his grandma sends us to school every morning.

We then ended up at the same secondary school.
I still remember all the CC outings, lunch sessions, basketball sessions, etc.


Wen and his present.
Jenn Mun and Wen’s youngest sister.


Aun and I looking restless LOL



Birthday Boy! (:


Tieng Wei and I with the birthday boyyyy (:


cheh. so lanci lol



childhood friend (:


my kawan baik-s


SS17 group photo (excluding Aun and Jenn Mun, Tieng Wei the odd one in there. she’s from SMSU, btw)


Happy 21st Birthday, Wen.
May you be well and happy always.

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