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April 15, 2010

happy pills

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this is gonna be a happy post hahahah

don’t you think i’m weird?
i can be emo one minute and then happy again the next minute.
to me, i think, its an advantage (:

that way, i don’t have to live in pain and misery all the time.
probably some of you may think that i’m happy is to just cover up all my sorrows.
maybe you’re right … but maybe you’re wrong too (:

in fact, when i’m unhappy, i’ll try to think of the happy stuff that makes me happy.
so there you go, one moment emo, one moment happy *laughs*

i’m such an emo bitch =X

exams are just around the corner 😦
and i’m still here blogging.
release stress lahhh~

anyway, wanna show you guys something that kept me awake during the day @@

these horrible ginseng pills. wtf ><
my mum actually bought me these.
its called Ginseng Cordyceps ( 虫草泡参丸 )

its bitter ><
had to eat 2 morning and night.
but then it’s either i skip the morning or night hahha

for each pill, i had to drink one big glass of water ><

ohh! and and! guess how much one bottle, 60 capsules cost ?

RM20? RM40? RM50? RM60? RM80?
keep guessing, people!
wrong wrong wrong!

give up? now take a look.

RM140 ><
originally it is RM150.
WTF. i hope it helps.

i think this would work much better, tho (:

happy pills
don’t forget about diabetes tho heehee

i actually googled about happy pills and guess what ?!
they have this store in Barcelona which is called Happy Pills.
awesome right?

there you go …

Happy Pills is a sweet shop on a narrow plot in central Barcelona, designed by Spanish practice M.

“When you get candy in your mouth, your mood lifts, you feel better,”
says M partner Marion Donneweg.
“It’s like a bite of happiness.”

*clap clap* i agreee (:

so creative right?

now for the store and product design (:

love (:

gummy bears!

pretty, don’t you think?

i hope they open up a branch in Malaysia and of course in KL!
or else, i’ll fly all the way there when i have the $$

candy makes me happy
and so does pretty things.



  1. hehe. yours in pills at least.
    mine was in pieces haha
    make as sweets whn sleepy in class. haha

    happy pills~ i want oso! hehe

    Comment by Christine — April 16, 2010 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

  2. (: it does make me happy.
    i had chocolates just now.
    just as good as candies XD

    Comment by Michelle — April 16, 2010 @ 4:25 pm | Reply

  3. I love HAPPY PILLS!!! Eventhough i never had one before!! Hope it sells around Malaysia!! And love your blog!

    Comment by kumonya — February 13, 2012 @ 8:50 am | Reply

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